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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Crosswick Family Tree

Since I am re-writing my Crosswick book I thought I'd look at the family tree I created for the story. Well wow it certainly shows some twists and turns and even though you  will read about them in the story I think the impact will be quite big when you first see the Family Tree which will be included in the front pages of the book.

I have been studying and researching the regency period with many thinks to Jane Austen's blog

This blog is full of fantastic information and has been brilliant for a beginning like myself.  Though I have always loved history along with researching the social history it has been a hard slog to get information correct. yes we have artistic licence though personally I think a book sounds much better if the  historical background is closer to how life actually was.

Not that I am saying I will get everything right, because I won't.  My writing is for those who enjoy a good read. I do hope this book will be one you can't put down especially due to the fact that it is the first one in the Crosswick series.

I would leave you with an example of the family tree though this may ruin the book.  So here is an excerpt instead:-

This work is copyrighted©Claire Plaisted 2012

Several hours later a pounding on the front door startled Gregory awake.
“Worthington, what the hell’s going on,” he shouted.
“I will find out sir,” with the dignity Gregory always found slightly amusing, Worthington quickly slipped out of the library to the front door.
Gregory hated interruptions especially late at night. Why people could not wait until morning he never knew. The library door was flung back, rebounding off the wall making him jump up he turned in shock to see who would dare. Gregory’s eyes widened at the sight. An old man could do all this noise, nearly waking the dead. Grinning at Worthington he waved him away as he started to laugh. Laughter was just what he needed. A good distraction, this was going to be after all.
“Father,” he said with much amusement, “What on earth are you doing here?”
He shook his fist at Gregory with fury.
“Worthington, please a fresh pot of tea for my father; he must be cold.”
“Yes sir. Would there be anything else?”
“No thank you Worthington, just take his coat if he’ll let you.”
His father, still did not utter a word, he straightened his back like the soldier he used to be walking over to the other chair opposite his son by the glowing fire. Rubbing his hands, he sat. Gregory quietly sipped his whiskey waiting for his father to make the first move.
Talking to his father was like a fine game of chess, picking your moves carefully to get the best results.
“Gregory,” his father sighed. “Gregory, what were you thinking?”
Shaking his head once again, he looked his son in the eye. Thinking deeply about what he should tell him; what he could leave out was the hard part. Gregory knew his father was not talking about his whiskey so he waited, the game had begun; if he interrupted too soon his father would close up. A knock at the door a maid entered with a tea tray and a plate of biscuits.  Placing it on the table between them, she turned leaving quickly, Worthington closing the door behind them.
“Gregory, why are you doing this?”
“Father,” he said questioningly
He looked up at Gregory his eyes as sharp as ever. “You interfere in things when they are best left alone; I only heard today that you bought the old Crosswick place.”
“How, who told you?”
“It doesn't really matter, you should have let the past stay the past son,” he said tiredly. “Why do you think I sent you overseas to your uncles? It was to help you forget, then the first thing you do on your return, was to buy the damn debt and set things back into motion which will no doubt end badly.”
“What things are you on about father?” he asked puzzled.
“There was much trickery around Matilda’s marriage, I didn’t find out until it was too late, or I would have told her father. Remember he was my best friend for many years.” He said sadly.
“Yes father, I know, though I don’t understand about the trickery, what was it you saw, you never told me?”
“In the morning my son, in the morning, I’m too tired from my journey, I’m not as young as I was,” he sighed. Gregory knew he’d get no more from him this night.
“Please ask Worthington to escort me to my room, my valet should already be there,”
He turned walking out of the library, leaving Gregory with a mystery he knew he could not solve. With a puzzled frown, he paced the library before retiring up to his own room. It would be many hours until he slept, tossing and turning thinking about what his father said. Sleep finally claimed him fitfully in the early hours, though restful it was not.

Hope you enjoyed the read. :)

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