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Monday, 27 January 2014

Fairies and Faeries - The difference

So who knew Fairies and Faeries were two different creatures?  I'd always believed they were just two different spellings of the same word.  This goes to show my research needs to be just that little bit deeper.

Anyway I thought I would tell you about the differences I found!

The Word Fairy comes from the Lain word "Fatum" meaning Fate. The Fairy is the one most of us know, mischievous, good, helpful little spirits/folk who are generally no more than 3 inches tall.  Yes they have wings, either two or four. I suppose this is to do with where on the scale of life they are.  

The most famous story  is about the Cottingley Fairies and the two little girls who found them at the bottom of their garden. I loved those photos looking at the delightful fairies with the girls.  The story was made into a book a few years back now.  Sadly when the last little girl died a few years back now as an elderly lady she told the story of the fairies saying that they were pictures drawn by her brother or cousin.  Even today I don't believe what she said, though sadly no one will ever find out now.

Another article I found a few years back was about a the finding of skeletal remains of little people. An apparent hoax for April Fools Day. The picture shows the skeleton in a hand. Though myths and legends come from somewhere it would be lovely if some truth could be found.

Of course young childrens' favourite fairy is the Tooth Fairy who gives us money for our tiny baby teeth as we lose them. 

Now what about the Faerie, who or what are they, why do many people still use it for a different spelling of the lovable Fairy many of us learnt about as children?

The Faerie is a word derived from Gaelic "fear shidhe" In the article I found  it means "man of the shee" So more digging and research was required.

The myth goes to say that Faeries are evil, cruel, horrid spirits who steal children and keep them as slaves or pets. It's also said they are ugly or at least not as handsome as Fairies. Also they didn't necessarily have wings either and they could be tiny or tall.

One of the nicer looking Banshee's also known as Faeries.

Now Banshee's can be really scary as in the movie Van Helsing so please don't get your spelling of Fairy and Faerie mixed up when your writing like I did.  Dig deeper into the words you want to use the last thing I'd want for me or anyone else is a critic picking up on the different words and telling us we got it wrong.

So glad that in my stories, one I can change the spelling and the other was Faerie.  Both books will be available this year so look out for "Cera's Haunted House" and "Zoe's Journey," and enjoy the read.

Monday, 13 January 2014

One of my Children's Stories

Though it about time I posted again :-)

Over the last few weeks I picked up one of my old drafts called "Cera's Haunted House." I had only done one chapter of this story so decided to read through and see what I could do about writing more.

This book is about a magical cat called Cera who is over a thousand years old. Cera has gone wandering  and pulls her present owner (as if we could own a into an adventure. Her name is Areba. They end up in this old derelict, haunted mansion which is where their adventures start.

An evil gargoyle called Ophelia traps them. All she wants is to mend the mansion and bring back a time she can control with her own magic. Ophelia sets Areba (she hasn't realised the cat is there yet) a riddle to solve. Being such an evil gargoyle when she finds out the cat is around she sets them twelve riddles to solve to get free or they'll both end up in a time of her choosing.

Now this is where I go slightly crazy, ok not crazy I suppose more like different.  Many of you will know most riddles have an answer before you make the riddle to accompany it. I like to be different. Each riddle has no answer when it's made up. I start with the riddle and work through it with my writing. What can it mean? How can they solve it? I must admit is has been great fun so far.

Friends have helped at times though I've noticed many say they aren't good at riddles. My favourite riddle so far is in Chapter 4. "I espy an evil eye in the middle of the ocean, be aware and do not stare or you'll be in oblivion."

The first thing two friends came up with (Tina & Sharon) was Whirlpool which makes great sense to the first part of the riddle. What I ended up with thanks to Zillah was a one eyed ogre who like with cyclops you didn't stare at him or oblivion you got. 

Areba knew she had to get rid of the ogre to solve the riddle and save something, with out giving the plot away we have a rather smelly ogre who belch's and fart's a lot and gets pulled into oblivion via the whirlpool of his own making. It is actually quite hilarious to read from what my adults friends said, my own kids just looked at me as if I was weird though they giggled too.

I am now on riddle 5 which certainly took some thinking, nearly a week has passed since I looked at the draft though I know I am ready to finish the chapter now.

Two and fro you must go to catch the cow for a sow.”   Of course you have to remember the words in the riddle don't always have to mean a cow which goes moo or a female pig. Change the spelling and you have something quite different.  Can you work out this one??


Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Why do Authors use other names

There seem to be many reasons why Authors use different  pen names and I am quite astonished at some of the reasons.

From history it's a well known fact many women used a male name due to the fact nobody would publish a book by a woman. How times have changed thank goodness. Today it seems there are quite a few men writing romance books and using a woman's name as the author. Rather weird how you can have such a turn around in 150 years or so.

Other than history I assumed authors used pen names for different genre's, maybe they were good at more than one type of writing. One of my favourite authors is J D Robb who of course is Nora Roberts or is this another pen name?  Personally I was going to be Kayleigh Broughton, it's a made up name discussed by my friends, my cousin Marlene and of course myself. I'd always loved the name Kayleigh ever since I heard the song one evening on the radio in the 1980's (showing my age now). Where the Broughton came from......well that was Marlene.

Now for the why.

If you remember back a few posts I was rather embarrassed about the sex scenes in my Crosswick book, my friends made me blush rather a lot. (Thanks Tina & Susan). Well since then I've written more drafts, with about 20 unfinished of various genre. Teen books, Adult books, Romance, Mystery, Regency, Sci-fi and short stories. So since I was writing all different types why not just use my own name. 

Well I now have four e-books on amazon. At the moment I'm looking into printing costs.

My books are:-

Malachy's Unit
Rosetta's Lot
Charlie Girl's First Summer Christmas
Diary of a Psychotic Killer

The last one is a short story in first person in answer to an assignment from the brilliant book :On Writing" by Stephen King.

A very inspirational book for beginning writers and authors.  This story will be in my next blog.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Ideal Readers

I'm very lucky to have some very good friends who will read my drafts for me. Most of them love my stories though my favourites come back to me and tell me what doesn't flow, what doesn't work and of course my grammar and description which though improving is still a bit shabby.

You have already met two of my readers, Tina and Greg.  Another is Marlene who is a cousin of my husbands.  I met this lady through doing the family reunion book in 2011 just before i started writing, we got on like a house on fire. My main reader is Sharon another lady who is not afraid of telling me off for bad writing and giving me good feed back when I'm doing well.

Sharon is training to be a proofreader and editor at the moment. It is great watching each other grow and learn as we work together.  Sharon picks up my word errors.  The ones I still get wrong are 'Being' and 'Been' though apparently I have improved. 'Word' I must admit isn't that brilliant for picking up bad grammar.  I did try out a program a few months back, it certainly taught me lots.  I hope to buy it when I can afford as it is slightly out of my reach right now.

By the way is anyone good at riddles??