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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Steep Learning Curve - how not to do a Print book out of an E-Book

Well as the title says it is really difficult to turn one into the other if you are using a Style Guide for E-books. Talk about frustrating myself changing the documents.  Nothing would go right especially the Page Numbers, you know those ones which start about six pages into the actual book.

I have learnt how to style each part of my books as I write now.  Book Title, Author Name, Indent or no Indent for the body of the text as well as doing the same for centered and italics.  I have made a template for my e-books and I will be setting up one for my print books so that i can add page numbers without a problem. I have realised that I can put page numbers into a template though as yet I have not quite worked it out.  So my job for this week.

I have another print book to finish formatting and another to put on my e-book template.  After this My main aim is to finish "Ryan's Madam," "Mascosta's Dream Girl" and "Girlie and the War of the Wasps," which of course is a young childrens book. I am hoping this one may have a few pictures in it.

All but Zoe's Journey has been updated in print form now.  My e-books are on Smashwords and the Garrett Investigation Bureau Series are all on Createspace for print.  These books are available all over the world on the online stores.  I do hope to get them into actual books shops at some stage.

Places they are available from are:-

Mighty Ape, Ebay, Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords to name a few.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Style Writing

Style Writing seems to be an on going learning curve. One moment you think you have it and then you find there is something else which is needed. I will recommend anyone who is going to format an e-book to use the free e-book about Style Writing from Smashwords.  Once you get your head around it, it is really good.  Easy to navigate and use though you may need to forget some of the things you think you already know about Microsoft Word.

Yesterday I realised I could implement different styles of writing how I wanted them to look rather than what was already set up by Word. With this said I now have different styles for Book Titles, Author name, Chapters, Centered, Italics, Indents, No Indents etc. Each have their own specialties making my typing automatic when I click on that particular style.  It is brilliant.

Two things I learnt yesterday was how not to use Tabs and Page Breaks. This wonderful book even shows you how to get rid of Tabs without trawling through your document.

Today I will be re-learning how to do  Linked Contents Pages, for some strange reason I can't get my old ones to work properly and you really need to have linked chapters so your reader can read anywhere they please.

Don't forget most e-books don't have page numbers!!

Style writing has also taught me a few things about how to set up a book for printing, some of the styles you use are the same, the major difference is page numbers and generally no links though printed books will have websites where you can look for other reading material by the same author.

Good look and have fun :D

Thursday, 3 April 2014

My printed books :)

Hey everyone I now have my books in print :)  I have received my copies today they look awesome and I hope when or if you buy that you enjoy the stories. Thank you everyone for your support over the last few months it is much appreciated.