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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Steep Learning Curve - how not to do a Print book out of an E-Book

Well as the title says it is really difficult to turn one into the other if you are using a Style Guide for E-books. Talk about frustrating myself changing the documents.  Nothing would go right especially the Page Numbers, you know those ones which start about six pages into the actual book.

I have learnt how to style each part of my books as I write now.  Book Title, Author Name, Indent or no Indent for the body of the text as well as doing the same for centered and italics.  I have made a template for my e-books and I will be setting up one for my print books so that i can add page numbers without a problem. I have realised that I can put page numbers into a template though as yet I have not quite worked it out.  So my job for this week.

I have another print book to finish formatting and another to put on my e-book template.  After this My main aim is to finish "Ryan's Madam," "Mascosta's Dream Girl" and "Girlie and the War of the Wasps," which of course is a young childrens book. I am hoping this one may have a few pictures in it.

All but Zoe's Journey has been updated in print form now.  My e-books are on Smashwords and the Garrett Investigation Bureau Series are all on Createspace for print.  These books are available all over the world on the online stores.  I do hope to get them into actual books shops at some stage.

Places they are available from are:-

Mighty Ape, Ebay, Amazon, Createspace, Smashwords to name a few.

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