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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Meet Author - C M Wilson

Introducing to you the lovely C M Wilson

Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am C.M. Wilson. I like candle light dinners, long walks on the beach… sorry… I always feel like I’m pimping myself off for a date. I live in Michigan. I've lived here for most of my life and base most of my books off of places from here, although Glow Stick was placed in a fictional city in Michigan.

What brought you to the world of writing?

Honestly? Being an only child. My mother’s answer to the problem of “I’m bored” was to give me a book and then have me write a book report about the books I read. Sounds like torture, right? I liked it. And from the books, I started thinking about the plots that I would do different things with. More specifically, Sweet Valley High. The different things I thought needed to happen to Sweet Valley High have been added into the Northern Lights series.

What is your first book and what do you think of it now?

Northern Lights Part 1. I have a love/hate relationship with that book. That book has gone through 15 different reincarnations since 1996. When my publisher said “I need you to look at it one more time” I threw a temper tantrum that rivalled of a room full of toddlers being told that they had to take a nap.

What type of books do you write and do they fulfill your reader’s needs?

I write interracial romance (except for Glow Stick) and I’d like to think so. Although a couple of my Northern Lights readers say no, simply because the cliff hanger endings kill them. LOL

Would you like to feature a book, if so which one?  Tell us about it?

I keep talking about Northern Lights, so let’s go with that one. It’s going to be a ten part series. The first book is out now and the second one comes out in two weeks.

Carrington Levesque looks like she has it all together. She’s rich, pretty and the apple of her daddy’s eye. A blond hair, blue eyed beauty, with one flash of her pretty smile, and you’re sure she could have the world at the tips of her fingers. But, looks can be deceiving. Carrington’s issues have issues. Abandoned by her mother, she lives in constant fear that everyone else will leave her too, especially if she isn’t perfectly perfect. That is, until she meets Eli.

Eli Warren, a 19 year old 6’2” dark skinned African American man from Detroit, is Carrington’s opposite in every way. With a criminal record, and a brother who is convinced that crime pays, and pays well, it seemed inevitable that Eli would end up another statistic. He spent a lot of time feeling like he had no control over the direction of his life. Until he meets Carrington, and then for the first time he wants to be in the driver’s seat of his own destiny.

It’s been called the urban Sweet Valley High. (As a side note: I screamed… and bounced… and cried… when it was deemed that. LOL)

How long does it take you to write your first draft?

If it’s during National Novel Writing Month (November) then a month. But generally about 2 – 3 months.

Do you plot or not, if so why?

Yes. To the tee. I can be convinced to be a little lenient as I’m going along but when I’m driving somewhere – I like to know how to get there. I cannot just sit down and start writing. My brain doesn't work that way. There was a time where I didn’t stray from my outline. Now that I know what I’m doing, my characters tend to look at my outline and say “Isn't that cute… she’s trying to write the story…” and high jack it from time to time. Or I’ll look at it and say “unless you’re trying to go in circles, you don’t need that.” But for the most part by the time I start a book, I know the beginning, middle and end.

Do you write in 1st or 3rd person, or have you done both?

I write in 3rd. I’m going to attempt to write in 2nd person (journal entries) in one of the Northern Lights spin offs.

How do you edit your work?  Do you leave your draft alone for a while or edit as you write?

I edit for grammar as I go write. And then when I’m done, I read it and make notes about what I need to change (and take out things that don’t need to be there) and then go back and fix the notes. Then I read it one more time. Then I send it to the publisher and editor who do their magic to it and then they make their notes and send it back to me and I change those notes. LOL

What type of people/readers do you market your books to?

Anybody who will read it. LOL. I’m lucky because even though I write Young Adult, a lot of adults read YA. Though I’m trying to get Glow Stick into High Schools because it’s about bullying.

Do you self-publish or have you worked with an Agent/Publisher

I self-published a few years ago, but I am published with BraveGirl Publishing now.

How do you promote your writing?

Thru Facebook, I've done a few book signings, I’m working on a blog tour now, I've done some interviews  

Where can we buy your books?

Off of Amazon,, Kobo, Smashwords, CreateSpace and

Who are your favourite authors?

I’m kind of old school in my authors, V.C. Andrews, Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson. Though I devour anything Sara Shepard puts out.


My Amazon Author Page where you can find my books:

Our website:

Do you have any more information you’d like to share with us?

Northern Lights part 2 drops very, very soon. And my first adult, contemporary romance, The Wrong Side of the Mississippi comes out in February.


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