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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Why do Authors use other names

There seem to be many reasons why Authors use different  pen names and I am quite astonished at some of the reasons.

From history it's a well known fact many women used a male name due to the fact nobody would publish a book by a woman. How times have changed thank goodness. Today it seems there are quite a few men writing romance books and using a woman's name as the author. Rather weird how you can have such a turn around in 150 years or so.

Other than history I assumed authors used pen names for different genre's, maybe they were good at more than one type of writing. One of my favourite authors is J D Robb who of course is Nora Roberts or is this another pen name?  Personally I was going to be Kayleigh Broughton, it's a made up name discussed by my friends, my cousin Marlene and of course myself. I'd always loved the name Kayleigh ever since I heard the song one evening on the radio in the 1980's (showing my age now). Where the Broughton came from......well that was Marlene.

Now for the why.

If you remember back a few posts I was rather embarrassed about the sex scenes in my Crosswick book, my friends made me blush rather a lot. (Thanks Tina & Susan). Well since then I've written more drafts, with about 20 unfinished of various genre. Teen books, Adult books, Romance, Mystery, Regency, Sci-fi and short stories. So since I was writing all different types why not just use my own name. 

Well I now have four e-books on amazon. At the moment I'm looking into printing costs.

My books are:-

Malachy's Unit
Rosetta's Lot
Charlie Girl's First Summer Christmas
Diary of a Psychotic Killer

The last one is a short story in first person in answer to an assignment from the brilliant book :On Writing" by Stephen King.

A very inspirational book for beginning writers and authors.  This story will be in my next blog.

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