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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My Ideal Readers

I'm very lucky to have some very good friends who will read my drafts for me. Most of them love my stories though my favourites come back to me and tell me what doesn't flow, what doesn't work and of course my grammar and description which though improving is still a bit shabby.

You have already met two of my readers, Tina and Greg.  Another is Marlene who is a cousin of my husbands.  I met this lady through doing the family reunion book in 2011 just before i started writing, we got on like a house on fire. My main reader is Sharon another lady who is not afraid of telling me off for bad writing and giving me good feed back when I'm doing well.

Sharon is training to be a proofreader and editor at the moment. It is great watching each other grow and learn as we work together.  Sharon picks up my word errors.  The ones I still get wrong are 'Being' and 'Been' though apparently I have improved. 'Word' I must admit isn't that brilliant for picking up bad grammar.  I did try out a program a few months back, it certainly taught me lots.  I hope to buy it when I can afford as it is slightly out of my reach right now.

By the way is anyone good at riddles??

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