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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

To Plot or not? When writing your novel.

The day is dull, though the excitement of writing grows steadily within me. What will happen next? Where will I go with all the twists and turns? Why don't I get lost and repeat myself.
Friends and acquaintances often ask me how I write my books and how I plot them out. To tell the truth I've never really plotted any of my books so far. I am a prolific writer who generally opens a word document and just writes. If I get stuck on a story I will go on to a different draft, which is probably why I have so many unfinished book drafts on my computer.
Maybe I'm lucky that the words just seem to be there. I do work with ideas, I always tend to know where the story is going and who it is about. I just never know how I'm going to get there until it happens.
My latest book is called "Mascosta's Dreamgirl." It is the fourth book in a series about Garrett Investigation Bureau. All I knew when I started writing, was it was going to be different from the other three books. Mascosta is an agent for G.I.B and his dream-girl is an assassin.
What are the advantages of Plotting. I know one is the character sheet to make sure your characters always have green eyes or blonde hair etc. Yes I have tried to learn to plot, even a good friend; who is also a writer couldn't understand how I worked, though he has certainly helped me with my development of my writing skills.
Do you plot your novels, if so how?

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