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Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Journey Continues - NaNoWrioMo

What a month I have had,  At the beginning I was meant to have a Virtual Book Fair, only to be let down by the company.  The same weekend National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) started and I took the plunge.

For me the challenge was to write 50,000 words for one draft, rather than bouncing around different books.  Well I'm pleased to say I did, and I am still writing it.  Been a prolific write the word count was easy, however the staying on one topic wasn't, especially when I was suddenly given dates for the Virtual Book Fair, for last weekend.  It was a whitewash, very few people came to chat, though I did have some company thanks to my friends.  The promise of 10 - 20 people just didn't happen. This put me off track with NaNo, though luckily I'd already hit my word count.

I have no idea of the title yet, It started off as "Renegade Jones," now it is "Patrice, The Dark Lord." Neither really fit properly. Yes, I have a book mock up of a book cover, though I'm not sure it will be used, or if something different will eventuate.

The novel is book 6 in my GIB series.  It is about a man who think's he is a double agent, not realising there is much more to his life then he ever knew.  Jones rides a Harley and keeps a keen eye on Maggie Carrington, who is important to his other boss Mr Patrice, a dark dangerous shadowy person who's more powerful than even his twin brother realises.

The twists and turns, with a slightly paranormal issue makes this book totally different from all my others.  

It involves most of the characters, joining three together in a way which surprises them all.  I am looking forward to finishing the writing and getting it published in the new year.  

First I have to get "Mascosta's Dreamgirl," (Bk 5) and "Girlie and the War of the Wasps," out before christmas.

Next week I will be holding my first Book Sale at Rotorua Library, selling my own books and maybe some of my clients books as well.  During that week one of my clients Captain B M Commons has  a book launch, so the excitement mounts as christmas draws closer.

Don't forget to support your Indie-Authors, there are some great writers out there.

LATE NOTE.....Book Title is now  "Jones the Reluctant Hero."

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