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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Author Interviews. Meet Marguerite Maddan

I’d like you to meet Marguerite Madden, an author whose's books cover different genre’s

I'm a 39 year old married, mother of 2 (6 if you count fur babies), and I'm a type A personality. Well, I used to be. A bout with cancer took care of that for me last year, and I've been trying to figure out what to do with myself now.

Marguerite self-published her first eBook in April 2012 through Smashwords. 

“Once Upon a Western Way,” is a romantic fantasy written while she was still at high school. In September this year it was released in print through CreateSpace.  During this time her books “Keeping a Backyard Horse,” and “My Butterfly Cancer,” were also released in print.

Marguerite’s sole purpose with her novels, is to entertain, however, “Backyard Horse,” was inspired by years of living around (supposed) horse people and watching their animals suffer from neglect.

I love to read, and have some medical background, but I noticed in the “horse care” section of the book store, books were huge and overly detailed. So I wrote a book about the simplest way to care for a horse without spending a fortune but keeping the health of the animal in mind. And it's narrated by my horse (who's on the cover) and laced with her anecdotes.

My Butterfly Cancer, is my cancer memoir. It was intended to inspire anyone who has to make a major comeback, like I did, and goes into some detail about self-publishing.

All Marguerite’s books can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and they're currently Kindle exclusives, they'll be back on Smashwords soon.

Marguerite presently has two novels in progress. The first is “Triple Heist,” A crime novel involving Allison, head of security for the Federal Reserve Bank, and her plan to rob the facility of millions.  “Fang and Claw,” is a crime/paranormal intended to be Book One of the Undead Unit series.  Lacey is a detective with the Dallas police department.  She's also a vampire.  In a world where supernatural creatures are, if not socially accepted, at least tolerated.  Lacey’s put in charge of a squad put together to deal with special circumstances of crimes committed involving the Undead (vampires, werewolves, zombies, and more). She is partnered with a Wolf, whose ancestors were responsible for decimating her coven of origin.  Can they work together?

Marguerite uses all types of social media to help promote her books.  She has even had retweet contests where she give away a free book to the winner!

Hopefully this interview exchange will rock!

If you wish to participate please view Marguerite’s blog for Interview questions.

Marguerite is a member of GoodReads, Shelfari, and Scribophile.

You can find Marguerite Madden on
Twitter @naddya81975
Website and Amazon author page are in her email signature.
You can also find her on Reddit and LinkedIn. These book links will redirect to the correct Amazon store from anywhere in the world.
My Butterfly Cancer
Keeping a Backyard Horse
Once Upon a Western Way


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