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Friday, 27 December 2013

Describing ...... HELP

Of course I was once again lucky to get some help from my lovely friend Greg.  Greg is also in to history and family research along with his writing.  He is an awesome guy who has helped me learn how not to waffle and how to tighten my descriptions. What I need against what is unnecessary.
Since my Crosswick book (which I still hope to put on amazon as an e-book next year) he had helped me with fight scenes in my book Malachy's Unit (which is on amazon). What I had was good, it could be better and I'd like to think it is better.
I would give him a short draft of my fight scene and he would immediately pick out the problems and show me how I could solve the issues.  My last fight scene in book two (Rosetta's Lot due out Jan 2014) was a girl against three men. He thought I'd done great, "One tough woman you got there," he said.  No he didn't ruin it, instead he said try doing this to explain it a bit better.  I liked what he told me and re wrote the paragraph. Big thanks to Greg my descriptions are improving with each book I write.
As I said Greg is a writer too, and a very good one. I enjoy his short stories and wish he would publish some, however he is never satisfied so until he is I'll have to wait.
We have become good mates over the last two years helping each other, my imagination runs wild while his is more contained so if or when he gets stuck we have a conversation about what he is writing. He does the same for me.  Its a bit like mentoring each other I suppose. I'm so glad for those who help me.

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