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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Onward March the writing continues.

The original draft was finished in 3 months.  Now came the hard work.  I had chose my tense and my third person view next was some of the descriptions that needed adding to and changing.

I started with my regency research looking for a wedding gown for the early 1830s, lucky me found one on a blog.  Next was looking for the material.  This ended up been silver silk which looked like this.

The seamstress in the story added pearls to the fabric.  My sister in law Donna who is a dressmaker of stunning wedding gowns helped me develop the description so that it looked like similar to the one I had found online. After all I wanted you the reader to see this gorgeous gown.

I can say the Matilda looked stunning. If I could draw sufficiently well then I would show you a picture.

The details of description improved while at my mother in laws, she was sick with cancer and the family pulled together to help look after and support her.  When I finally publish this book I will be dedicating it to her.  Her loss is huge she was the best mother in law I could've asked for.

This novel is still in edit.  It seemed I got bored re-reading it to many times and making constant changes.  So I started to write another and another all different genre's all with my skills improving.  Many with smutty scenes. I thought surely I can write a book without.  

The answer to that is a huge yes.  Some teenage books only one finished and in edit.  Whoop.

Still think the overall description needs more work, which I suppose is why I've not put it on amazon yet.  

I have three very different books online at the moment.  Two short stories, One series all different genre's I obviously haven't settled into any one genre yet.

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