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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The gradual Learning Curve.

Tina, is awesome.  I even got to adopt her as my sister, we get on really well and she tells me how it is with my writing with out punching me.  Her positive and creative feed back is what I needed.  

I still remember looking back at my draft of Crosswick and giggling. Of course Tina was correct with the Third and First person mix up.  First though she had to explain what they were.  In the long run of course I knew or my writing would have failed there and then.  What Tina was actually doing was reminding me how to view a book as a reader.  Did it make sense and flow nicely? Well flow yes, though it was like a waterfall splitting into many small streams heading for the ocean instead of the waterfall falling into a stunning lake.

Third person is like watching a movie.  I now picture myself looking on to what was happening as I write.  Observing is quite difficult at times for me when it comes to descriptions (this is another learning curve I will get to).  I must admit to using simple English, though I'm sure my vocabulary will grow as I continue to write.  So here I am on the edge of the image listening in like an eavesdropper, my fingers flowing over the keyboard.  The picture before me is Regency, describing a parlour or morning room created a bit of research to get the names of furniture correct  as well as what type of wallpaper they may have used.  This is when my interest in history is  most welcome.

First person is when I am the narrator, taking you though what is happening as I participate in the scene.  I decided Crosswick was going to be in Third person so taking out the First person was a lot of hard work, which today I am grateful for since I don't and hopefully won't make the same mistake again.

Tina also noticed I had trouble with my tenses, this is still something I am learning today.  Past or Present Tense.  Oh my, once again this wonderful lady helped my though the process, laughing with me as we corrected my draft.  Tina still reads my drafts, generally saying "I want more," if it is unfinished or "Its very good," or maybe "It's very good and in context."  This always makes me laugh as I still have no idea where this writing bug has come from, though I do know I have caught it and it isn't letting me go...... Thank goodness.

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