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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Page Numbers

Well what a frustrating way to begin a day.  Actually that's not quite true. I started to try and put in page numbers in a book manuscript a few days ago and gave up wanting to yell and scream. Instead i calmed down and went to do something different.

Cup of tea in hand I sat on the comfy couch with my laptop and decided to try again. Opening the document I though I can do this it can't be as hard as it was the other day.  Next I Googled how to number pages into word documents after the first page.

Oopps I think this is why I got a little bit tied up.  An hour later and it still wasn't working even though I was going through the guidelines step by step.  Sheer frustration. Lucky for me I ranted and raved a bit on Facebook to my lovely friends. Harrold came to my rescue with two web links one which confused me and the other I seemed to have more luck with.

By the time my daughter came into the lounge I was very grumpy, it still wasn't working and I knew I hadn't missed any steps.  Then right at the bottom of the second link Harrold gave me i noticed something and wondered if it would work. 

Well I did something right, straight after a nice long scream post on Facebook. You know what I still don't know what the heck I did so I suppose there will be more frustration with my next book for print.

Here's the link for you all just in case you need it at some stage

Right I'm off to go see i can do my next book :D

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