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Friday, 21 February 2014

Travel Times by Horse - Regency Era

Well bother, all I can really say is thank goodness my book is a work of fiction.  Apparently I have my horse and rider going from London to Gloucester in half a day instead of two days.  Must admit it is one way to extend the story line. So do I leave it or do I go into more depth of finding a hostelry for my hero and evil man to stay in at a halfway point? 

As a future reader of my Regency Novel it would be great to have some feedback. I don't know much about horses, though I do know that some horses have more stamina than others. I also appreciate roads were very different. There again are they. From photographs I have seen recently on Facebook it seems they have as many potholes now in a road as they probably had in Regency times.

If I change it to fit time wise, it will mean re-drafting quite a few different parts of the story which could cause chaos. Though I like chaos in my books, I'm not sure if this is the best route.

Still humming and haring over what to do :D

Thought this looked a bit like Demon the Black Arabian Stallion in my book

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