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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Then Business Bloomed

Welcome to my blog.  I thought it was time I told you all about my latest venture which I have been building on over the last 10 weeks.

As you all know I love to write, hate to edit, love to format and publish.

During one of my sessions at the local writers group I got to introduce myself and tell them what I was doing, what I was writing.  It was very exciting for me to share my experiences with everyone, including handing out my writing business card.  It was great and I think I may start doing some talks with various groups at some stage.

One of the other participant later contacted me and asked if I would format their book for them.  Well why not I thought, I can do this.  From that moment on my business was born.  Not that I knew it then.

Welcome to Plaisted Publishing House Limited  :D

The book was formatted, an article in the local paper.  Two weeks later I had my own article in the paper and I can honestly say I've not looked back only forward.  I have had around 12 contacts in the past 8 weeks.  I have 8 clients, several who are soon to be published at online book stores world wide.  Most are local to where I live in Rotorua, the other is in Gisborne.

The most frustrating thing so far though is the lack of cheap Print on Demand (POD) in New Zealand, it is slowly getting here though still extremely expensive.  At present I print overseas.

The best thing is helping others to achieve.  My daughter is doing a graphic design paper and my proofreader is part way through her training to.  It is all go.

My clients are delighted with the work so far and are getting excited about holding their own books.  My next learning curve is Marketing.   HELP

Until next time!

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