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Friday, 29 August 2014

Tables & Text Boxes in eBooks

Tables and Text Boxes are apparently a huge no go area for eBooks.  This could cause considerable pain for for some authors, and I would hope their is a way around it.

Apparently tables and text boxes are to complicated so of course being me; set off on another journey of discovery and research to see what I could find to alter two text boxes and a table so they would would and the book be approved for online publication.

Where to go, how to look, someone must know something and google generally has the answer.  I typed in the search page "Why don't Tables and Text Boxes work in eBooks?"   Well it didn't answer the why, though it did show a way which may work.  One I had sort of used, though of course I had to be slightly more complicated.

Turn the table or text box into an image (jpeg)  Eureka I cry.  Well no actually I just thought, well typical, as I said I'd already done this sort of with the text boxes, though not brilliant I now know the correct way to do them.   "Take a Screen Shot."

Now for the next learning curve...How to take a screen shot, i've never been sucessful yet, though with my sheer determination I will this time.  No more problems for me, just make sure things that don't work in eBooks are images and ..........yay.

Last Question

I re-inserted an image that wouldn't open in e-book format (epub & mobi) Now it has disappeared altogether, guess I may have to re-draw the picture and then do a screen shot.   Grrrr.

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